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Kyushu University, Division of Medical Quantum Sciences
Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences
"Artificial intelligence-based diagnostic and treatment systems"
Our Keywords : Precision Medicine, Medical AI, Radiomics, Medical Images, Data Science, Medical Physics, Medical Image Analysis, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Radiation Physics

Radiomics with artificial intelligence for precision medicine in radiation therapy
Hidetaka Arimura et. al.
Journal of Radiation Research, Vol. 60(1), pp. 150-157, 2019.01.



Automated Approach for Estimation of Grade Groups for Prostate Cancer based on Histological Image Feature Analysis,
Alamgir Hossain, et. al
The Prostate, Vol. 80(3), pp. 291-302, 2020.02


Homological radiomics analysis for prognostic prediction in lung cancer patients.
Kenta NINOMIYA, et. al.
Physica Medica: European Journal of Medical Physics, Vol.69, pp.90-100, 2020.01


Observer Uncertainties of Soft Tissue-based Patient Positioning in IGRT
Taka-aki Hirose, et. al.
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, Vol.21(2), pp.73-81, 2020.01


Semi-automated prediction approach of target shifts using machine learning with anatomical features between planning and pretreatment CT images in prostate radiotherapy
Yudai Kai, Hidetaka Arimura,et.al.
Journal of Radiation Research,Vol. 61(2), pp.285–297, 2020.03

Similar-cases-based planning approaches with beam angle optimizations using water equivalent path length for lung stereotactic body radiation therapy,
Shu Haseai, et. al.
Radiological Physics and Technology, 2020.03.


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Four presentaions at The 2020 Joint AAPM | COMP Virtual Meeting  (Nagami, Ninomiya, Kamezawa, Hirose)
Two invited lectures and eight presentations in The JRC 2020 WEB / The 119th Scientific Meeting of the Japan Society of Medical Physics  (Arimura, Yamanouchi, Nagami, Quoc, Urakami, Sakata, Yoshidome, Kamezawa, Hirose
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Two Presentations in SPIE 2020 Medical imaging @Houston, USA. (Ninomiya, Kamezawa) 

Hidetaka Arimura, PhD

Division of Medical Quantum Science, Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences,
Kyushu University
3-1-1, Maidashi, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8582, Japan
Email : arimurah@med.kyushu-u.ac.jp