Advanced Medical Quantum Technological Science CourseAdvanced Medical Quantum Technological Science Course


 We are recruiting MS students, Ph. D candidates, and PhD researchers, who are interested in researches for solutions of clinical problems based on medical physics such as medical image analysis or image processing for improving diagnosis and radiation therapy, computer simulation for radiotherapy, from all over the world. 



Information about Our department

・Department of Health Sciences Graduate School of Medical Sciences


・Master course at Medical Quantum Science


・Doctor course


Information offered by Kyushu University


・Global Gateways -Kyushu University’s International Affairs Department-


 The International Affairs Department in Kyushu University deals with the admission scholarships, for prospective international students. In addition, they are supporting current international students with changing status of residence, alien registration, national health insurance, opening a bank account, scholarships, tuition and fees, student accident insurance.


・Establishing the Strategic Hub Area for Top Global Research and Education, Kyushu University (SHARE-Q)


 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japanese government has launched the “Establishing the Strategic Hub Area for Top Global Research and Education, Kyushu University (SHARE-Q)” for establishing core universities for internationalization, for the purpose of selecting universities that will function as core schools for receiving and educating international students. In 2014, thirteen universities including Kyushu University were selected. These core universities will play a major role in dramatically boosting the number of international students educated in Japan.





International Student Support


・Kyushu University International Student Center


A Gateway to Japan, A Gateway to the World”

 The International Student Center (ISC) represents Kyushu University’s campus-wide effort for internationalizing its education and facilitating global student exchange.



・Global Gateway > Current Students



・Kyushu University International Student and Researcher Support Center


 The International Student and Researcher Support Center assists new incoming international students and researchers with the following:

Visa procedure support

Airport pickup

Providing housing information

Residential Assistance

Translation of documents into English

Interpretation over counter

Support for student tutors

Other assistance upon request



Financial Aid


・Scholarship Guide Book



・Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho: MEXT)


 The MEXT Scholarship program was established to promote an acceptance of international students from all over the world. You can be considered for a MEXT Scholarship in any of three ways:

(1) by embassy recommendation, (2) by Kyushu University recommendation(overseas applications), and (3) through Kyushu University nomination(domestic applications by those enrolled at Kyushu Univ.) Chinese students have different procedures.



・Kyushu University scholarship


・Private foundations scholarship


・Tuition, Fee & Scholarships

 International Students entering the undergraduate school or the graduate school (Master's course/ Doctorate course), who show excellent performance of study and have difficulties with the studying fund, can apply for remission of the whole or the half of matriculation fees.




                                                                                  Division of Medical Quantum Science,

                                                                                  Department of Health Sciences,

                                                                                  Faculty of Medical Sciences,

                                                                                  Kyushu University

                                                                                  Hidetaka Arimura, PhD







・博士前期課程・医学物理士養成コース(Master Course) 進学を希望される方


博士後期課程・医学物理士養成コース(Doctors Course)進学を希望される方



















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